Oregon and Kentucky law schools back in compliance with the ABA

Pre Law Reports

The University of Oregon School of Law and the University of Kentucky J. David Rosenberg College of Law are back in compliance with accreditation standards, according to the American Bar Association’s Section of Legal Education and Admission to the Bar.

Both law schools had been out of compliance for different reasons since March, and were asked to submit a report by June 30.

Oregon Law had been out of compliance with Standard 206(b) concerning their part-time and adjunct faculty. This standard requires law schools to show “concrete action” that they are committed to having diversified staff and faculty when it comes to race, gender, and ethnicity. In the school’s Standard 509 Information Report, 17.31% of the non-full time faculty are people of color.

The ABA put out a notice on Sept. 6 saying that Oregon Law is back in compliance due to the information that they provided, but they did not give any more clarification on how they came to that decision despite it being customary to do so.

Dean Marcilynn Burke told the ABA Journal “that the noncompliance finding offered an opportunity to take a fresh look at diversity efforts and expand them.”

“But make no mistake: We have been hard at work on this for a long time. We have demonstrated that not only through efforts but the results,” Burke told the ABA Journal.

UK Rosenberg College of Law came into noncompliance in March for financial reasons under Standard 202(a). It requires that a law school’s “current and anticipated financial resources available to the law school shall be sufficient for it to operate in compliance with the Standards and to carry out its program of legal education.”

UK Rosenberg College of Law Dean Mary J. Davis said the law school has worked with the university to create a plan that was in compliance with Standard 202(a).

Oregon and Kentucky law schools back in compliance with the ABA