Op-Ed: “The Contribution of EU Agencies to Managing the COVID-19 Pandemic: a Polycentric approach to Public Health” by Ruben Della Pia and Mariolina Eliantonio

This Op-Ed is part of a Symposium on EU Agencies. See also the Op-Ed by Merijn Chamon, by Marta Simoncini, by Graham Butler, by Miroslava Scholten, and by Jonathan Bauerschmidt and Diane Fromage. More Op-Eds will follow shortly on EU Law Live.

IntroductionThe global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was profound, wreaking havoc on economies, societies, and lifestyles worldwide. Due to its wide-ranging effects on multiple sectors, it required a cooperative cross-sectoral approach extending beyond national boundaries. After a first phase, characterised by inward-focused national policies, horizontal and vertical cooperation eventually emerged among Member States and between the EU and its Member State

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