Ooops!! ….. Lawsuit: Lawyer misspent $10M of firm’s money partying at Las Vegas Strip resort

An attorney working for a lender based in the British Virgin Islands is being sued for more than $10 million after she allegedly used company funds for her personal use rather than for work purposes, a lawsuit claims.

Sara Jacqueline King, of Orange County, used the monies to live “an extravagant lifestyle” at the Wynn on the Las Vegas Strip, according to the petition filed in the southern division of the Central District of California.

The filing alleges that King lived at the Wynn for a period of and “gambled 24/7,” according to the lawsuit.

The plaintiff, LDR International Limited, cited breach of written contracts, fraud, and civil theft as the reasons for the lawsuit.

The following is what is claimed in the petition, which was filed Feb. 11:

Beginning in January 2022 through October, LDR extended a series of loans to King Lending that was supposed to then be loaned to third-party borrowers.

The lawsuit says the loans were secured by collateral, including but not limited to, luxury cars, boats, yachts, jewelry, precious metal coins, and earnings from guaranteed professional sports contracts.

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