Ocean Carbon Dioxide Removal for Climate Mitigation: The Legal Framework


ISBN13: 9781802208849
Published: April 2023
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing Limited
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Hardback
Price: £120.00

Examining the existing legal framework for ocean carbon dioxide removal (CDR), this forward-thinking book highlights potential legal challenges and opportunities associated with using the ocean to remove and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It describes five commonly discussed ocean CDR techniques, including rock-based ocean alkalinity enhancement (OAE), electrochemical OAE, ocean fertilization, artificial upwelling and downwelling, and seaweed cultivation, and explores the legal issues that different techniques could raise.

This timely book explores the laws governing ocean CDR research and deployment at the international level and domestically in seven countries across Asia, Europe, and North America. The analysis highlights the complexities and uncertainties associated with applying existing international and domestic law to ocean CDR, providing lawyers and policymakers with invaluable insights into areas where legal reforms are needed to facilitate in-ocean research and deployment.

This book is essential reading for lawyers, policymakers, and others interested in advancing innovative climate change solutions. It will also appeal to academic and private sector scientists who are conducting research into ocean CDR.