OCCRP launches Russian Assets Tracker Database

The Russian Asset Tracker has an ambitious goal: to identify and catalog every foreign asset belonging to several dozen members of Russia’s ruling class — some of whom have blood on their hands. As of its launch today, the tracker lists more than $17 billion in assets linked to oligarchs and enablers of Vladimir Putin’s regime, and we have much more to go. 

Despite unprecedented sanctions implemented in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine, some of Russia’s most high-profile oligarchs still control bank accounts, yachts, mansions, planes, and other lucrative assets in Western countries.

That’s because Vladimir Putin’s allies have learned to master the dark art of obscuring ownership. The tactics they use to hide their wealth will be familiar to readers of OCCRP: opaque corporate structures, secret bank accounts, and proxies that reach far offshore.

See the Assets Here

Some of these assets have been reported before. Some are being revealed here for the first time. Some are still to be discovered and verified.  You can expect more assets and Kremlin allies to be added for months to come — and you can help with this effort. If you are aware of anything we’ve missed, please let us know by filling out this form.