NY Post Article: I’m a lawyer who sues over BS food labels — these are the worst offenders

New York’s “vanilla vigilante” lawyer — famed for suing food and beverage brands over deceptive labeling — says there are several popular products that shoppers should look closely at if they want to avoid being scammed at the supermarket.

Spencer Sheehan hit headlines for launching a $5 million class action lawsuit against Kellogg’s in 2021, claiming their Whole Grain Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts contained an inadequate amount of actual strawberries.

While that suit was dismissed, the Great Neck, Long Island-based litigator has also gone after other supermarket staples, including Snapple, saying their “all-natural” fruit drinks contain surprisingly little actual juice.

“Just be careful — because companies are trying to trick people,” Sheehan, 44, told The Post in a new interview.