Northern Ireland: Law Society Condemns Attack On Senior Police Officer

The Law Society of Northern Ireland condemns the attempted murder of Detective Chief Inspector John Caldwell as an attack on the Rule of Law and an attempt to drag Northern Ireland back to the dark days of our troubled past.

The President of the Law Society, Mr Brian Archer, said,

“As we approach the Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement it is reprehensible that there are still people in our midst who would attempt to kill a police officer and drag us back to our troubled past. 

The attack on John Caldwell, when he was giving of his time to help our young people, is an attack on all of us and must be called out for what it is – an attack on Democracy and the Rule of Law. 

The Law Society of Northern Ireland, and the solicitor profession we represent, hold John Caldwell and his family in our thoughts and prayers at this time.”