New Yorker: “The Law Professor Flying Surveillance Drones in Ukraine”

Fantastic article ( it’s the New Yorker, so no surprise there) make sure to link through and read the full piece

Vasyl is not mean, or greedy. He tears up easily. He and his wife, who is also a lawyer, are strivers. They saved to buy an apartment in a new nine-story building on the western edge of Kharkiv, overlooking a forest. Vasyl liked to get up at the crack of dawn and do a twenty-five-kilometre bike loop in the woods. So he was already awake, in the kitchen, on February 24, 2022, when he heard explosions. He looked out the window—they had a great panoramic view—and saw the skies turning red near Piatykhatky, at the northeastern edge of the city. He woke up his wife by saying, “It seems the war has started.”