New USA Legal Editing Company To Fill Gap In Market

It had to happen eventually as LN & Westlaw outsourced all their intellectual capital to contract workers in farflung

places around the planet a new  company called  lawBookEditors has opened its doors to legal content providers in the

USA, Canada, and Great Britain, says Mauri Baggiano, founder/owner.


We say well done  Mauri Baggiano .. a great idea just waiting to happen


The services provided by the new venture include content editing, copyediting, and proofreading. All of the editors at lawBookEditors are seasoned professionals. Their content editors hold a J.D. or LLB degree and possess more than 5 years of legal content editing experience. Their copyeditors possess a minimum of 5 years of legal copyediting experience.

Content editing is the main thrust of their business. The philosophy behind their primary business is ? in a word ? holistic. According to their Web site ? ? the attorney-editors at lawBookEditors believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This unified approach to editing is the compass that guides every aspect of their editorial function. Simply put, their view is that the contents of every publication deserve to be presented in a cohesive, readily understandable manner, without needless surplusage or overlap.

In addition to content editing services, lawBookEditors offers copyediting and proofreading services. Their copyediting services not only include standard proofreading services but also practical advice to authors/in-house editors for fixing ambiguous references, awkward transitions, and wordiness, in order to improve clarity and the flow of ideas. In addition, their legal copyeditors thoroughly check and correct legal citations to ensure conformance with the applicable style guidelines.
Mr. Baggiano, once a practicing lawyer in Erie, PA, became a legal publishing professional in 1980 and worked for two major law book publishers until the year 2000. He is a member (inactive status) of the Pennsylvania Bar, the Federal Bar, and the Bar of the United States Supreme Court.
Throughout most of the 1980s, Mr. Baggiano served as a distinguished author and content editor of legal publications for the Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company (now a Thomson/West Publishing company). He was also an adjunct professor in the writing/communications departments of 2 colleges/universities during this time. Late in the 1980s and throughout the 1990s he served in the LexisNexis organization in Charlottesville, VA, as the lead for indexing development in print publications, acting in two different managerial capacities during his career there.

In the year 2000, Mr. Baggiano left LexisNexis and started iNTELLiNDEX in Charlottesville, VA, a successful indexing business serving legal, medical, and college text book publishers in the USA and overseas for over 12 years. In 2004 he formed, along with a Lexis colleague, new bud press, inc. New bud press, inc. is a content-driven, customer-oriented provider of publishing services, whose principal customers have been law book publishers. Mr. Baggiano will continue to act as its President through the end of this year while he transitions new bud’s legal editorial function to lawBookEditors.