New Silks A Rare Species In NSW This Year

Tread lightly when exploring the wilds of Phillip Street if you want to spot that rare bird, “Silkus NSW” this year. Hatchlings have been seen but with only 11 of them that can be scared back into their nests with only the slightest disturbance.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports..

A Crown prosecutor, a high-powered commercial litigator and two barristers who assisted the Trade Union Royal Commission are among a select group of Sydney barristers elevated this year to the prized rank of senior counsel.

The list of senior counsel appointments – known as silk, in a nod to their silken robes – was released on Friday by the NSW Bar Association.

The modest list of 11 appointments, from a pool of 92 applicants, is the smallest list of new silks in the state since 1993 when 10 silks were appointed from a pool of 77 applicants.