New Publication From Asia Briefing “New Considerations when Establishing a China WFOE in 2017”

February 2017 | Business Magazine 

New Considerations when Establishing a China WFOE in 2017

In this guide:

  • – Situating the WFOE Structure within China’s Changing Investment Landscape
  • – Pre-establishment Considerations for Setting Up a WFOE in 2017
  • – Setting Up a WFOE in China: A Step-by-Step Guide
  • – China’s FIE Registration and the New Actual Controlling Person Requirement

In this edition of China Briefing, we guide readers through a range of topics, from the reasons behind foreign investors’ preference for the WFOE as an investment model, to managing China’s new regulations. We discuss how economic transformations have favored the WFOE, as well as the investment model’s utility, and detail key requirements that businesspeople need to examine before initiating the WFOE setup process. We then walk investors through the WFOE establishment process, and, finally, explain the new and idiosyncratic “Actual Controlling Person” regulation.