New Kluwer Software JV To Predict Likelihood Of Bills Becoming Legislation

Kluwer’s Collaboration with Skopos Labs, Inc. will enable practitioners to predict the likelihood of bills becoming law says press release…..


Here’s the release in full

NEW YORK—announced today the introduction of a powerful new predictive analytics package as an augmentation to its highly regardedFederal Developments Knowledge Center. The analytics are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) tools developed in collaboration with Skopos Labs Inc., a software company specializing in predictive analytics. The new features are the latest in what has been a continual stream of innovation and harnessing of analytics and AI across severalWolters Kluwerproduct lines.

TheFederal Development Knowledge Centerwas designed byWolters Kluwerto serve as a comprehensive tool that helps legal professionals stay up to date on legislation and rules that are proposed and enacted by the Trump Administration and the 115thCongress. The product will now in a first-of-its-kind offering enable legal practitioners to quickly assess proposed legislation and predict its likelihood of passage in the chamber of the Congress in which it presently resides, as well as its likelihood of ultimate enactment requiring passage by both chambers and the signature of the President. ­

“We are continuously searching for ways to put cutting edge technology integrated with our rich content expertise into the hands of our customers, and our collaboration with Skopos is a great example of this,” saidPatricia Ginnis, Director of Product Management. “By leveraging Skopos’ predictive analytics,Federal Developments Knowledge Centergives legal professionals a comprehensive source of current information and AI-driven insights to better advise their clients regarding the impact resulting from the rapid pace of new developments inWashington.”

The analytics, available this fall withinFederal Developments Knowledge Center,are developed via natural language processing of the legal text and computational assessment of hundreds of external positive and negative factors that affect a particular bill. The tool also provides background on a bill’s relationship to similar legislation and relevant sections of the Code of Laws ofthe United States. With the addition of this important new feature,Federal Developments Knowledge Centerprovidespractitioners with superior foresight regarding the legislation most important to their clients’ business.

“This is a perfect example of how AI, paired with an outstanding platform likeFederal Developments Knowledge Center,opens up new possibilities for legal practitioners to have more and better information at their fingertips,” said Skopos co-founderOliver Goodenough, J.D. The third Skopos co-founder,J.B. Ruhl, J.D., Ph.D., agreed, “AI is often portrayed as a threat to lawyers. We’re glad to have teamed up withWolters Kluwerto demonstrate how to steer AI in the direction of enhancing the knowledge and insight lawyers can deliver to their clients.”

In addition to its predictive analytics capabilities,Federal Developments Knowledge Center‘s key benefits include:


  • Key Developments SmartChartwith alerts organized by practice area
  • Near-real-time updateson executive and legislative developments
  • Breaking newswith rich analysis written byWolters Kluwer’sexpert attorney editors
  • Quick accessto relevant source documents from Congress, the Executive Branch, and Federal Agencies
  • Impact analysison executive orders, presidential memoranda, proposed legislation and regulations, enacted laws and final rules


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About Skopos Labs, Inc.
based inNew York City, builds Bespoke AITM software centered around predictive text analytics. The Skopos team, including PhDs and former law firm partners, is advancing the state-of-the-art for AI in law and finance. Skopos Labs has developed patent-pending machine learning technology and a platform that collects massive amounts of data to provide strategic forecasts. The company’s legal analytics software suite includes predictions of policy developments and impacts, and automated regulatory document analysis.