New Kluwer Publication: Compendium of International Commercial Arbitration Form

Compendium of International Commercial Arbitration Forms is a collection of documents used in international commercial arbitration, both institutional and ad hoc.


By Sigvard Jarvin, Corinne Nguyen

This publication, first of its kind, provides with numerous practical examples of the documents involved in each step of an international arbitration proceeding taken from actual cases, under different arbitration rules and in different countries. It contains brief introductory comments to each document. The emphasis is on procedural aspects, not the merits of any case.

In a single book, scores of documents are provided, including inter alia the following:

  • request for arbitration;
  • answer/counterclaim;
  • claimant’s reply to counterclaim;
  • terms of reference;
  • rules of procedure;
  • timetable for submissions;
  • procedural orders;
  • written pleadings/statement of claim/defence;
  • witness statements/depositions/affidavits;
  • requests/orders for the production of documents/discovery;
  • requests/orders on interim measures/security for costs;
  • hearings;
  • opening statement/closing statement;
  • submissions on costs;
  • awards/interim/partial/final/by consent; and
  • requests/decisions on correction and interpretation of awards.

This title will provide Lawyers, arbitrators and other parties with a tool-kit how to draft a document in an international arbitration. The examples are taken from institutional as well as ad hoc arbitrations and both civil law and common law drafting styles have been included. The examples can be used in any arbitration, large and small cases, in any part of the world. Read more and view table of contents.

August 2017, 632 pp., hardcover

ISBN: 9789041185877

Price: EUR 195/ USD 215/ GBP 159