Never Mind Fake News – Here’s A Fake Law Firm, Walsh Padilla

Very realistic fakes they are too. They even have that look and feel of all those law firm websites where you know the partners decided it was better to buy themselves a new Jag or boat rather than spend the cash on doing the website properly !





Here’s the site

Here’s an article all about the fake law firm from the ABA journal


In reality, the website appears to be operated from South Africa, and it uses photos of lawyers taken from real law firm websites, the suit says.

The scammers send letters to elderly people informing them that they will be receiving life insurance proceeds after they supply bank account numbers and other financial details. One person had $14,000 taken from a bank account by the scammers, the suit says.

The bar obtained a court order to shut down the website, but the bar was working to locate the web server and to serve the restraining order.

The bar has also filed a criminal complaint with the Harris County District Attorney’s office.