Netflix subscribers in Russia launch class action for loss of service

Russian Netflix users are suing the streaming firm for suspending its service as a result of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Reports the Guardian

Netflix, which has only about 1 million subscribers in Russia, suspended its services in March and has halted the development and acquisition of all Russian-made or commissioned TV shows and films.

A law firm has launched a class action legal action against Netflix, which has more than 220 million global subscribers, on behalf of Russian users who believe the decision to block access is a violation of their rights. The subscribers, who pay 599-799 roubles a month (£5.55-£9.26) to access content, from Bridgerton to Don’t Look Up, are demanding 60m roubles (£560,200) in compensation.

“Today, a law firm representing the interests of Netflix users filed a class action lawsuit against the American Netflix service with the Khamovnichesky district court of Moscow,” the law firm Chernyshov, Lukoyanov & Partners said, according to a report by the news agency RIA. “The reason for the lawsuit was a violation of Russian users’ rights due to Netflix’s unilateral refusal to provide services in Russia.”

Netflix had not yet responded to a request for comment.

In February, Netflix said it would refuse to carry the 20 Russian free-to-air propaganda channels that service providers were meant to host under a new law to be introduced on 1 March. “Given the current situation, we have no plans to add these channels to our service,” the company said at the time.

In December, the Russian media regulator, Roskomnadzor, added Netflix to its register for audiovisual services because it was reaching more than 100,000 subscribers.

Last month, amid the Kremlin’s sweeping crackdown on western social media, a Russian court banned Facebook and Instagram in the country, labelling the platforms’ parent company, Meta, “extremist”. Access to Facebook and Instagram had already been restricted earlier in the month after Meta confirmed it was relaxing its policies on hate speech towards Russian soldiers and Putin in relation to the war in Ukraine. Meta later said the laxer rules would apply only to people posting from Ukraine.


Here are Netflix’ Top 20 Russian Shows

The Best Russian TV Shows & Movies on Netflix (2022)

The greatest guide to watch the best Russian TV Shows on Netflix.


20 Russian TV Shows on Netflix

1. To The Lake

To The LakeSource: Netflix

One of the most gripping and edge-of-the-seat sci-fi thrillers, To The Lake is almost like The Walking Dead set in Russia and covered in a white blanket of snow. It is a story about a deadly virus that turns Moscow into a landfill of virus-infected humans, and the non-affected must struggle to survive.

2. The Method

The Method

Source: Eclectic Pop

If you’re a fan of the gritty crime drama, case solving genre, then this one is going to be an absolute treat for you. The Method follows the life of a loner police investigator specializing in hunting down the most terrible, scum of society type of criminals who escape the police department’s fangs.

3. Better Than Us

Better Than Us

Source: Russia Beyond

If Ex Machina won your hearts, so will Better Than us. Inspired by Ex Machina, Better Than Us is the story of a human-like android known as Arisa, who is on the run after murdering a guy who tried to sodomize her. This is a thrilling story of an on-the-run AI and how it plans to survive and evolve into becoming more like humans.

4. Sparta

The Best Russian TV Shows & Movies on Netflix (2022)

Source: Sparta

A bizarre mystery thriller series about a crime investigator exploring the mysterious death of a school teacher. He finds out that there have been more deaths in the school and that the students like to participate in a strange virtual reality game. A fantastic series to watch.

5. Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon

Source: The Calvert Journal

An amazing and unique story about the son of a Russian billionaire, Igor is a playboy type of character who gets in legal trouble when cops catch him for overspeeding his spot’s car while under the influence of heavy drugs.

6. Locust


Source: Netflix

One of Russia’s path-breaking shows, Locust, is Russia’s first-ever erotic thriller with the themes of adultery and sex-based storylines. It follows the story of a small-town poet who passionately falls in love with a big-time wealthy heiress from Moscow. It forms one of the best Russian TV shows out there on Netflix.

7. Trotsky


Source: Socialist Revolution

This one is for all you history buffs who are interested in learning about Russia’s glorious yet tainted history, along with the doctrines of communism. Trotsky follows the story of the divisive figure Leon Trotsky who escapes from the Soviet Union to Mexico to get as far she can from his eternal enemy, Lenin.

8. The Road To Cavalry

The Road To Cavalry

Source: Willow And Thatch

Yet another Russian Netflix show based on facts from history, The Road To Cavalry, is a different take on history, as it follows the life of two sisters from St. Petersburg during World War 1. The sisters struggle to keep everything on an even keel as a Russian saga is formed around them.

9. Fartsa


Source: NY Times

It was almost like a mixture of The Wolf of Wallstreet and Entourage with a slice of Soviet-era Russian on top. Fartsa is a story about four wealthy friends who make money by exchanging and selling currency.

10. Masha And The Bear

Masha And The Bear

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Down the list, we have some animated TV series from Russia, among which Masha And The Bear is a must-watch. It is a funny story about a retired circus bear who settles down deep into the woods until he meets venturesome Masha.

11. Masha’s Tales

Masha's Tales

Source: Netflix

This time, our second entry of the Masha-verse follows cute little Masha’s adventurous stories and tales, which she tells from her perspective about her life. This is another classic Russian kid’s program that is highly recommended for kids.

12. Masha’s Spooky Stories

Masha's Spooky Stories

Source: Netflix US

Our third entry from the creators of Masha, this time it is Masha’s Spooky Stories. This one follows Masha’s fantastic storytelling abilities, where she tells spooky stories but with a twist that all these spooky stories have a rational explanation.

13. KikoRiki


Source: KikoRiki official website

KikoRiki is yet another colorful and playful animated series for kids. This one follows the story of round-figured living things that have to deal with their own lives’ trials and tribulations. This was inspired by Winnie The Pooh.

14. JingleKids


Source: Cartoon Brew

Debuted in 2016, JingleKids won the hearts of the audiences with its kooky and silly stories. It is the story of a magical city where tiny humans exist alongside cute furry talking creatures. The only motto that everyone follows is: not a day has to go by without an adventure.

15. Leo & Tig

Leo & Tig

Source: Animation Xpress

Another classic animated TV series, Leo & Tig, falls last on our list. It is yet another classic story about two tiger cubs that grew up as best friends in a magical forest. We follow them as they go on adventures and learn about ancient myths and legends.

16. Booba


The story focuses on the life of Booba, who sees the world as a mystery, looks at everything with curiosity and wonder, and indulges in adventures every day. The show features Elena Kareva and Roman Karev and has seven seasons to stream on the platform.

17. Kid-E-Cats


The show follows the story of Pudding, Cookie, and their little sister Candy. They investigate the things around them and like to eat sweets and play. They always end up on adventures, and by the care of their parents, the three kittens manage to solve every problem.

Each episode sees Pudding, Cookie, and Candy accompanied by their mother, father, grandpa, grandma, Aunt Cinnamon, Uncle Muffin, and little Bagel, making the world a safe and happy place for everyone. They are also joined by their friends Bow, Mustard, Raisin, Cupcake, Dart, Smudge, Boris, and Chase, and along, they enjoy and learn about new things every day.

18. Be-Be-Bears


The show focuses on the white bear cub, a brown cub, and a fox with varied personalities. But despite this, the three friends spend time together, playing games, exploring the world, and learning new things every day.

19. Yoko


The Russo-Spanish show encounters a friend named Yoko. The latter makes the fantasies and games into a reality, and they all end up exploring forests, seas, ancient cities, and outer space. The show’s main aim is to educate children regarding the world around them.

20. In From the Cold

In From the Cold
source: Heaven of Horror

The latest 2022 Netflix original series In From the Cold follows the story of a single mother and ex-Russian spy who struggles to keep herself safe after the CIA knows about her hidden secret. The show was made by Adam Glass and got aired on January 28 this year.