Music Australia Now Enshrined in Law as Creative Australia Bill Passes Parliament

The Creative Australia Bill, which lays the legal framework for Music Australia to come into existence, has passed Parliament today.

The passing of the Bill is another milestone for the execution of Australia’s new National Cultural Policy, with Music Australia set to start operating this year.

Music Australia will sit under Creative Australia – formerly the Australia Council for the Arts – which is due to start operating on July 1.

In addition, Creative Workplaces is a new body which the Federal Government said will “raise and set workplace standards across all art forms, with organisations seeking Federal Government funding being expected to adhere to these standards”.

Music Australia, meanwhile, will be expected to deliver targeted support and investment to empower Australia’s contemporary music industry to rebuild and realise its local and global potential.

“It will grow the market for contemporary Australian music, deliver song writing and recording initiatives in schools, support industry professionals to learn business and management skills, and provide central coordination around access to live music venues for bands and solo artists,” the Government said.

Arts Minister Tony Burke said for too long, Australian contemporary music has been ignored by Government, and that Music Australia will change that.

“This is a decision for safe creative workplaces and for our music to be the soundtrack to life in Australia.

“Australian artists have been calling out for drive, direction, and vision. This delivers on that call,” he said.

“Creative Australia means there’ll now be a single body – regardless of whether the work is supported by government, philanthropists or is purely commercial,” he added.


Music Australia Now Enshrined in Law as Creative Australia Bill Passes Parliament