Mondaq Enter The Era of RSS

OK it has come a little late but the process has started..

Mondaq have a lot of current legal information from their network of law firms around the world .. so it’s great to see that they can now bring the information to everybody and we don’t have to go to them to find it.


Here are a couple of feeds to give you an idea of what you can now create using their new RSS

The most popular recent top 10 articles written about the Asia Pacific region.
They have also given people  the ability to select by topic the most popular articles globally.


eg currently this feed may be useful


Most popular ‘Banking’ articles globally of which most are credit crunch related at the moment

However you cannot combine these at the moment (e.g. most popular banking articles in Asia) but feeds by popularity for any country, region, and child or parent topic can be created.


Eg of use at the moment.. the most popular insolvency articles globally is a feed that can be created


So congrats to Mondaq .. i think we’ll suddenly start seeing a lot more of their networked articles now RSS is properly managed