Mississippi: 15-year-old with master’s degree prepares to attend law school

The Guardian reports

A 15-year-old Mississippi boy is reportedly preparing to start law school later this year and has the chance to become one of the youngest people ever to obtain a juris doctorate.

James “Jimmy” Chilimigras took the law school entrance exam last year when he was just 14 and scored a 174, the highest tally in his home state, Alabama and Louisiana, according to a report from the news station WLOX, which covers his home town of Bay St Louis, Mississippi.

Jimmy, who holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting from the online, non-profit Western Governors University, told WLOX he is giving himself until May to choose which law school he will attend. But, he made it clear: “I’m going to be law school in August – that’s going to be in person, so that’s interesting, [and] I’m really looking forward to it, actually.”

Law school in the US typically takes three years to complete. If Jimmy finishes his studies in that time frame, he would be one of the world’s youngest law school graduates, according to a list compiled by the history and culture website oldest.org.

The eighth-youngest law school graduate in the world was Kelly Yang of China, who finished at Harvard University in 2005 when she was 20. Oldest.org says the globe’s youngest known law school graduate is Stephen Baccus of Florida, who completed his studies at the University of Miami at age 16 in 1986.

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