Mind Alliance Publish (Behind Paywall) Resources & Information From Legal Sector On COVID-19

We’d not come across Mind Alliance before so when we received an email from them asking us to highlight their COVID-19 resources we thought we’d better do a bit of background first

This is what they say about themselves

Mind-Alliance Systems helps clients enhance their business development research, knowledge management, and data management capabilities. Mind-Alliance has a 10+ year track record, a strong team with deep domain expertise, and is trusted by global law firms and legal departments. Our executive team collectively has decades of extensive experience in providing strategy consulting, research services, and technology solutions to law firms, legal departments, corporate development & innovation departments, investment banks, governments, and NGOs.


We support the digital transformation of processes in legal departments, especially in the areas of research support, knowledge management, and data management. We also provide training workshops that bring stakeholders together so they can jointly analyze their processes and find opportunities to improve them. This facilitates buy-in to changes in processes and systems.


This is their COVID-19 resources section ( you will have to subscribe).

Remember also on the market already is a Law.com section on COVID-19. and as we indicate in an earlier story a free email update from Pinhawk and plent of free great updates from LexBlog

One thing you can say about American capitalism, it certainly is alive and kicking. It’s only taken week to get all these resources up and running. Well done US information enterprise.

Your Federal government may be next to useless ( except when it comes to bailing out the top end of town) but the states and private enterprise have, considering the situation, have already risen to the occasion .

Compare this to Australia where I have just returned to from the UK late last week to find the faux national myths and stereotypes finally consigned to the coffin. .. more of thatĀ  laterĀ  with examples from the world of Australian law . A world that is looking more like something out of the times of Dickens that 2020 these days.