Michigan State College Of Law Getting Their Graduates Jobs Via Technology Engagement

Interesting report from Above The Law


Essentially students learn about business and technology and this is making them as desirable as Ivy League grads..


Above the Law write…

The law school recognized what the rest of the country knew. The Internet was a powerful tool for learning and networking — and that everyone and their brother was using it. Why not a law school’s students?

First there was ReInvent Law (video channel in absence of site) launched by then Michigan State Law professors, Dan Katz and Renee Knake. When you put on conferences featuring legal innovators in Chicago, Palo Alto, New York City and London, folks take notice. Especially when you’re selling out large venues packed with practicing lawyers, legal tech executives, law students and law professors.

Then Dan Linna left nine years of large law practice to become Assistant Dean for Career Development and a professor at MSU Law, along with serving as an adjunct professor at the University of Michigan Law School.

Without putting words in Linna’s mouth, he saw what was bubbling up at MSU Law. An opportunity to expand the curriculum to include the business of law in ways not taught before — the use of technology, innovation, project management and lean business processes to change the way legal services are delivered by major law firms.

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