Michael Jordan wins long-running trademark legal battle with Chinese sportswear group

Michael Jordan has been the recipient of some good news of late following reports that a decision has been made in his favor with regards to a long-standing trademark legal battle against a sportswear company based in China. This report comes via Channel News Asia.

China’s Supreme Court has ruled in favour of basketball legend Michael Jordan in a long-running trademark dispute, ending an eight-year legal battle with a Chinese sportswear firm that illegally used his name.

As it turns out, it has almost been a decade since Jordan and his team decided to take on Qiaodan Sports, which is one of the biggest sports brands in the nation, having no less than 5,700 stores throughout China.

According to the report, the term “Qiao Dan” is literally the Chinese translation of “Jordan.” Even the company’s logo is eerily similar to Nike’s famed Jumpman logo. The recent ruling states that the company can no longer use this name.

This development comes in the wake of the U.S. recently clamping down on China’s historical record of intellectual property rights infringement. It is not a common occurrence in the nation that a Western brand is able to win such court cases, so this is definitely a welcome development for Jordan and his team.

It was not reported if Jordan will be awarded a monetary payment from Qiaodan Sports due to their violation, but it would not be surprising if MJ ends up making some money out of this lawsuit sooner rather than later.

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