Mexico: Mexicali attorney murdered in her own office

A young lawyer is dead in Mexicali, the latest victim in a disturbing trend across Baja California.

37-year-old Pamela Pizarro Herrera was found dead in her office. Someone shot her in the head.

Witnesses report seeing two men in the area before the shooting. At this point it’s unclear if Herrera was the intended victim.

“We know that she was not threatened or had problems with other people, she was simply there when the attack happened. It is outrageous because she is a woman, she is a mother of 3 kids. It’s not worth that we’ve already reach this level of insecurity. We demand results from the government, but we also need true crime prevention programs from our authorities. We are close to taking justice into our own hands, because the violence is getting worse,” said Elias Flores Gallegos, the president of Mexicali’s Bar Association.

In the last two years, 28 Baja California attorneys have been attacked. This is the second incident in Mexicali this year. (ESPANOL)