Mexico: Lawyer kidnapped at 12 noon in front of Tijuana court


The entire action was filmed by witnesses who thought it was a family dispute

On November 3 at 12 noon, two armed men in a SUV with California plates broke into Tijuana’s Civil Courts and kidnapped a lawyer in front of the building. The courts are guarded by armed security men from a private company. The two men easily reached the building’s entrance, grabbed the woman by the arm, and pushed her out towards their car.

The entire action was filmed by witnesses who thought it was a family dispute, but after watching the violence against the female lawyer they tried to intervene. Then the suspects showed their guns to threaten witnesses and lawyers there.

The city courts are located in 20 de Noviembre neighborhood right next to La Via Rapida, the main highway in the city. The scene is two miles from the financial zone, considered Tijuana’s golden area of security. No public authority showed up in front of the courts, but the police department began a search of the area to find her.

Two hours after the abduction, the lawyer – identified as Monserrat Alvarez – was found by state security agents and escorted to the Prosecutors Office, which took control of the case.

The next day, the president of the Tijuana Bar Association, Catalina Salas Bravo, pointed out during a press conference the seriousness this event represents. It took place in the Civil Courts, where citizens should be getting justice.

“We got information that confirms the existence of metal detectors in the court that don’t work. There’s disarmed security guards… where is our safety there?”

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