Melbourne barrister takes umbrage after someone mumbles ‘fuckwit’ at him during online court case

Judge seems less concerned !

The Guardian reports..

Judge suggests speaker possibly thought he was on mute and ‘people are entitled to have their thoughts and even mutter them under their breath’

A barrister has taken umbrage after an unidentified person uttered the word “fuckwit” during an online hearing in Victoria’s supreme court, with the judge later stating the speaker probably thought the comment wasn’t audible and “people are entitled to have their thoughts”.

The barrister, Richard Edney, was acting on behalf of a man who had pleaded guilty to robbery and was clarifying a question to a witness during cross-examination when he was interrupted on Tuesday.

“What was that?” Edney said, according to a transcript of the hearing. “I heard an expletive, your honour. I don’t know who it was from.”

Justice Andrew Tinney said he also heard it but did not know who had said it.

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