Meanwhile in America! After U-Haul van takes plunge into grandfather’s pool, fully clothed woman claims she was just ‘out here swimming’ after 2 a.m.

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Two suspects who allegedly tried to steal lottery tickets from a Kum & Go convenience store in Oklahoma before leading cops on a chase around 2 a.m. earlier in June ended up under arrest after a U-Haul van crashed into a stranger’s pool, and the bodycam footage aired on the local news was somehow even more absurd than you might expect.

The accused driver, 39-year-old Destiny Mieshia Livingstone, and her 31-year-old co-defendant Kasey Alan Haag each face charges of first-degree robbery, fugitive from justice, and eluding a police officer, Creek County Jail records reviewed by Law&Crime show.

But Livingstone, a Kansas woman facing a bench warrant in the Sunflower State for failure to appear in a drug possession, theft, and forgery case, is additionally accused in Oklahoma of driving on the wrong side of a divided roadway in Sapulpa and causing malicious injury to or destruction of property in connection with the pool crash incident of June 9.

Portions of the bodycam video aired by local CBS affiliate KOTV first showed Sapulpa Police Department officers responding to the Kum & Go store after 2 a.m. on June 9. There, a man emerged from the store and pointed authorities in the right direction.

Police engaged in a miles-long pursuit of the U-Haul van, whose driver apparently made the ill-fated decision to drive down a dead-end street, smashing through a fence and ultimately plunging the vehicle into a pool some seven minutes later — decidedly not the jackpot the suspects allegedly sought.

The homeowner, a grandfather identified as Roy Foote in a prior KOTV story, reportedly said he was minding his own business late at night and watching TV in bed when he heard police sirens outside, only to learn soon after that his pool was wrecked to the point of being unusable.

“They [the cops] asked me if I had a friend that was a black woman swimming in my pool, and I go no, I don’t have any black people swimming in my pool this late at night,” Foote reportedly said, adding that his pool was “polluted” by oil as a result of the U-Haul crash.

The video showed that when cops questioned Livingstone about what she was doing in the pool and whether there was anyone else in the U-Haul, she replied, “I’m telling you, I don’t know. I was out here swimming” — in the early morning hours, at a stranger’s home.

An unconvinced officer remarked that it seemed odd Livingstone would be swimming fully clothed.

KOTV said that roughly an hour later cops discovered there was someone else in the U-Haul: Kasey Haag.

Haag had allegedly tried and failed to hide in the woods nearby.

After U-Haul van takes plunge into grandfather’s pool, fully clothed woman claims she was just ‘out here swimming’ after 2 a.m.