Meanwhile Down the Boozer – JD Wetherspoon Launches Legal Action Over Welsh Pub Name

JD Wetherspoon is taking legal action against a Welsh pub following a rebranding row for using its name on signs.

The pub group has filed a legal claim against a company trading as Wetherspoons Ltd, which runs The Bridge Head in Abergele, Denbighshire.

The pub, which has no link to JD Wetherspoon, had placed a “Wetherspoons Limited” sign on the building.

The Welsh pub faced controversy earlier this year after it changed its name from the traditional Welsh language name of Pen-y-Bont.

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Tim Martin – Wetherspoons Owner

Father Jack of Father Ted Fame


Companies House documents show ‘Wetherspoons Ltd’ was incorporated on 10 February this year.

A spokesman for JD Wetherspoon said:
“We were made aware of a pub in Abergele in Conwy using the name ’Wetherspoons Ltd’ on their signage.

“Despite a number of requests to the pub owners to remove the reference to Wetherspoons, they refused, and we have therefore had to issue court proceedings asking the court order that they do so.

“We hope that the matter can still be resolved amicably.”

Sir Tim’s company has held the trademark for JD Wetherspoon since 1993 and Wetherspoons since 2002.

A spokesman for the Bridge Head told North Wales Live in March: “Wetherspoons Ltd is a legitimate name and an available name. It has been registered with Companies House.

JD Wetherspoon Launches Legal Action Over Welsh Pub Name