Martindale Hubbell Go Tweeting Mad

Determined to be up with times we’ve noticed that MH have gone a bit crazy on the tweeting front even managing to punch out more tweets than Charon QC… quite an achievement…

We just logged in at 8.55 am Hong Kong time to see our page overloaded with MH tweets

Ginsburg’s surgery a good sign, cancer expert tells WSJ:
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interesting case re workplace monitoring of personal e-mail Moral: Always log off!
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Taking a middle road on employee Web-surfing during working hours:
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Jay Sumner doing some good blog posts about labor changes under Obama:
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Law Dept. Management’s Rees Morrison posts PDF of his #ltny talk on blog traffic analysis:
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From the oft-frivolous Above the Law, a substantive post on how to succeed as a lateral partner:
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WSJ law blog says lawyers’ attire is swinging back toward the formal
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Late to court, lawyer put in jail:
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RT@leecomms: Ill. disqualifies nearly 600 lawyers for lack of CLE compliance
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized with pancreatic cancer:
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phew !

All that in an hour or two  from MH.  Would be interesting to know if they have multiple tweeters or a tweeting editor.