Malta: Valetta Residents Have Had Enough Of Loud Music & Threaten Govt With Court

Valletta residents have claimed that a legal notice allowing music to be played outside until 1am is in breach of their fundamental human rights and they have threatened to escalate legal action unless the economy minister withdrew the new law.

The legal notice is turning the capital city into an entertainment hub, with all the problems that this brought about, they said.

Umberto Borg Cardona, Silvana Borg Cardona, Joseph Borg Cardona and Strana Risiott claimed in a judicial protest that the legal notice has been turning a classy World Heritage centre into a nightlife hub, adversely affecting residents, business owners and visitors, including tourists.

The judicial protest was filed against Economy Minister Silvio Schembri, mayor Alfred Zammit and Valletta local council executive secretary Gabriella Agius and the state advocate.

They explained that they live in a block of apartments in St Lucy Street and manage family-owned luxury suites and high-end apartments on the corner of the same street.

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