Mallesons Offers Fixed Price For Legal Services To Telstra In Australia

Is it really true…. ?

Firm Spy (Australia) say a source contacted them last night and told them via email

Mallesons has agreed to a fixed price for legal services to Telstra for the remainder of the financial year. Subject to involvement in a major transaction not contemplated by the agreement, Telstra will be able to use as much, or as little, of Mallesons services for a set fee under the arrangement. Many figures have been thrown around, and it sounds to me like a lot. How this situation will pan out for cowering junior Mallesons lawyers remains so be seen.

Will this mean overworked, underpaid Mallesons lawyers have to work harder? Will Mallesons partners, now guaranteed a fixed fee, consider purchasing more real estate?
More importantly for the industry, will the rumoured arrangement between the biggest Australian firm by revenue and the company with the largest legal spend be a harbinger of things to come?
Will you miss billable units?

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