Majority of Yale law students condemn conservative speaker, escalating controversy

The Washington Examiner

The majority of the student body at Yale Law School condemned the presence of a conservative speaker and police on campus, drawing online ridicule days after over 100 students attempted to shout down the speaker.

An open letter, signed by over 400 students, blasted the law school for maintaining an armed police presence at a panel discussion on free speech hosted by the Federalist Society on civil rights law that featured an attorney from the conservative legal organization Alliance Defending Freedom. The police presence came amid a large group of protesters who attempted to shout down the event.

“Even with all of the privilege afforded to us at YLS, the decision to allow police officers in as a response to the protest put YLS’ queer student body at risk of harm,” the letter reads.

Protesters at the event heckled and attempted to shout down Kelli Waggoner from the conservative ADF, who was speaking alongside Monica Miller of the American Humanist Association, a progressive atheist legal group, as part of a panel discussion on common ground between conservatives and liberals on freedom of speech issues. The Washington Free Beacon reported that the protesters numbered around 120.

At one point during the event as the protesting crowd continued to heckle the speakers, Yale law professor Kate Stith, who was moderating the event, told the crowd to “grow up.”