LN To Buy Belgians Henchmen Who Will In Turn Become LN Henchmen

This image immediately came to my mind !


LN  today announced it has agreed to acquire Belgian-founded contract drafting startup Henchman. Henchman, which was founded in 2020 by Jorn Vanysacker, Gilles Mattelin and Wouter Van Respaille, now has 170+ legal and corporate customers globally including Deloitte, Freeths, Cuatrecasas, and Cirio. Last year it reported growth of 1300% over the past year and a half.

By acquiring Henchman, LexisNexis says it will deliver personalized generative AI solutions to customers around the world. Henchman core product functionality will be available to existing and new customers. Speaking to Legal IT Insider about the acquisition, Vanysacker said that everyone from Henchman is joining LexisNexis and it will be business as usual for customers.

Vanysacker said: “This is a strategic acquisition for LexisNexis. We regularly got the request to access third party precedents while LexisNexis were told by customers that they would love to access data from their own repositories. This is super complimentary and as our conversation progressed over the past year it became clear that our vision was completely aligned.”

LexisNexis has immediate plans to utilize Henchman’s technology with its proprietary Retrieval Augmented Generation 2.0 (RAG 2.0) platform in its flagship Lexis+ AI solution. Henchman’s capabilities will also be added to Lexis Create, the Microsoft 365 add-in solution that enables point-of-workflow integration for generative AI drafting in Microsoft Word, Outlook, Teams and Copilot.


Breaking news: Lexis acquires Henchman to meet “one of customers’ top requests” – searchable internal data