LII & Justia To Offer Free Lawyer Directory Service

Another blow for Martindale Hubbell we’d suggest..

The LII Network have announced that they are launching a free lawyer-directory service. Which they say is a result of a year-long collaboration with, the new service offers great value to those in our audience who are looking for legal help, and to the lawyers who offer it.

The directory can be found at

Justia interface at


The press release says:

People looking for legal services now have a way to find public-spirited lawyers who support the goals and activities of the LII. Of course, we don’t offer endorsements or evaluations, but we can tell you whose heart we think is in the right place. Lawyers who support the LII receive a special “badge” that lets you know who they are — and they stand out in our search rankings.

For lawyers, the directory offers the opportunity to do well by doing good. The service is very reasonably priced. In fact, it’s free — every American lawyer we were able to identify has a basic profile in Justia’s directory now (more on how this works with the LII’s directory below). And by buying an LII badge, lawyers identify themselves to our audience of 2.5 million unique visitors each month as someone who supports our efforts. A much more detailed picture of how the directory can help lawyers find clients is in Justia’s announcement.