Libraries As Gardens – Share Your Memories

This turned up in our inbox today – what a wonderful idea whilst we are all stuck inside.Our story header  pic is both a great memory of a time living in Brooklyn and to remind us all that NY isn’t the concrete jungle that all the news media like to imply at the moment. The Japanese Garden in Brooklyn is, as Dylan once said, “Shelter From the Storm”


Libraries as Gardens – CGeomap

Global call for creators.

Libraries as Gardens is a creative project that wants to geolocate and map, on a global scale, the before, during and after of the coronavirus lockdown, through sound recordings and the stories of people, told in the libraries of their houses during quarantine and about the public gardens that they remember. The recordings are simultaneously transferred in an augmented audio project, with locative media walks for the future, in the gardens when they open again, made available (for free) through CGeomap for all their walkers
We ask you to send us two recordings to be made by you in your “house library” or in your reading space, during the lockdown or before the end of June 2020.
The process of recording and sending can be completely done on this website, in a few steps and in a few minutes, you don’t need an own recording device or camera.
The deadline is the end of June 2020.
The final result will be a global map in progress with your sound recordings and stories available from May 2020 on, a walking app for public gardens around the world and curated audio walks in a selection of larger cities: Sao Paulo, New York, London, Brussels, Athens, Seoul – and maybe yours with your help as local editor. 
The project is calling to creators worldwide, that are in lockdown. It is collectively created, via this global call, with CGeomap, a digital platform and open-source software for Geo-Storytelling, allowing simultaneous group creation of spatial narratives and writing. The concept of CGeomap is based on collaborative online creation and is a tool of connection with the Earth in our time of global crises. Participation is also requested as a volunteer CGeomap editor and with sound editing skills.