Lexis International Division Demobbed

We learn from one of our North American ” Snowdens” that Lexis have made the decision to shut down their international unit and thus put Judy Vezmar into a state of limbo

Here’s what our source reveals …..

The end of her disastrous mis-management of the “International Division” of Lexis Nexis is finally over.

Known primarily for her endless reorganizations of formerly well run companies under her command, she will not be missed. Her largest area of investment was said to be “severance packages”. In the announcement circulated internally this week, it stated that Judy had played an active role in planning the new organizational structure for LexisNexis. A role for former CEO Vezmar has yet to be identified in the Reed Elsevier organization.

More information is yet to come as words gets out as to the names of the new winners and losers in the LexisNexis command structure.