Lexis Australia Try The News Angle Again

Their last attempt in the early 2,000’s could be described as an abject failure.. not that we’d have an opinion !

One of our Australian sources has alerted us to an article on the Justinian website this week highlighting Lexis Nexis’ latest attempt to put legal news on lawyers desktops

This is what Justinian says:

Global publishing conglomerate Reed Business is to launch a free law e-zine news service for Oz lawyers.

The New Lawyer aims to arrive each morning into the email inboxes of anyone who registers. There’ll also be web based content.

The plan is to finance the biz with ads, and lots of them.

The managing editor is Kate Gibbs, who used to edit Lawyers Weekly and has been a stellar Justinian contributor on the law firm circuit.

She says it will not cannibalise the LexisNexis publication Lawyers Weekly, which goes up against the Fin Review’s and The Australian’s legal affairs pages on Fridays and is also part of the ReedElsevier agglomeration.

The New Lawyer will come as “an easy to read, newspaper-type, interactive pdf” in a morning email.

It will be Blackberry and iPhone friendly.

Kate Gibbs says the organ will carry “hard hitting profiles and behind the scenes commentary, inner workings, major deals, business developments and great achievements”.

It is aiming at readers from top and mid tier firms.

Stand by. April 6 is the launch date.

Do we have an opinion on this – well yes we do.. bullet points will suffice

  • Who wants a pdf on their desktop every morning giving news that you can get from any other number of web sources
  • The article says it not us – the plan is to finance the biz with ads , and lots of them. Who wants lots of LN advertising and branding on their desktop Monday through to Friday. And where are the other ads coming from. Haven’t they looked around them and seen every other online or print mag on the planet suffereing from drop in advertising spend
  • And our final comment — the only thing hard hitting that turns up from Lexis Nexis on a regular basis are their invoices.
  • Have they heard of Twitter ?
  • Have they heard of RSS ?

Maybe the new CEO will chop the head off this concept before they waste valuable time and money on it