LexBlog Launch Blogging At LexBlog Blog (that’s a lot of blogs!)

Here’s their announcement…

LexBlog, we’ve launched a blog dedicated to helping legal professionals start, build and maintain a successful blog.

Over the coming months, Blogging At LexBlog will feature a series of posts — primarily written by me — in which we will share insights and advice about how to get a blog started, keep it going, and build readership.

In part, we were inspired to start this project by the recently completed LexBlog Excellence Awards, our first-ever contest to honor excellence in blog writing.

Also, through the process of reviewing and judging those awards, I found myself making random notes about how some posts could be improved. I ended up compiling those notes into a post, Some Random Tips for Writing Better Blog Posts, which turned out to be surprisingly popular, suggesting that there is an appetite for more guidance of this type.

Visit the blog to sign up to receive weekly updates, or subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed. And if there is a topic you’d like to see covered, let me know.