LexBlog Article: A Complete Database of African Law

Kevin O’Keefe writes…

I ran across an article this afternoon about three African legal tech startups, one being a multinational data base of law from across the continent of Africa.

Senegal based, Sunulex.Africa was founded in 2014 by Nafissatou Tine, a lawyer and entrepreneur when she noted the absence of Senegalese and sub-regional legal information online.

She created Sunulex to make legal texts accessible and understandable to citizens – and legal professionals.

The problem? Access to African legal information is a real challenge for the public and lawyers, whether they be in Africa or anywhere, worldwide.

Nafissatou Tine 2nd degree connection2nd CEO and Founder of Sunulex Africa where we create the legal infrastructure for Africa

Companies, individuals, lawyers and academia need to count on reliable information – and, unfortunately, Google can not be relied on to give you everything you need.

The answer was publishing legislation, court decisions, thesis, books and more.

Sunulex has located, accessed, digitized and published online, African legal and fiscal resources (legislation, court decisions, legal scientific texts). Available on subscription, their database contains more than 70,000 official documents.

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A Complete Database of African Law