Lex Machina Launches API for State Court Legal Analytics

Press Release

Lex Machina’s rapidly expanding state court data and analytics is now available through its API.

Menlo Park, CA — Lex Machina, a LexisNexis company, has launched its highly-demanded API for state court Legal Analytics. Now, customers can access Lex Machina’s state court analytics and data directly through its API, enabling greater incorporation of Lex Machina’s superior Legal Analytics directly into one seamless, existing workflow.

Lex Machina has long been the leader in providing legal professionals with the crucial Legal Analytics that give them the winning edge in the practice and business of law. For the past ten years, the accuracy, depth, and expanse of Lex Machina’s Legal Analytics for federal courts (including district, appellate, bankruptcy, and specialty courts) has been unmatched. Over the past three years, Lex Machina expanded across state courts with the same high level of data quality and accuracy. Early last year, Lex Machina launched its API, which allowed users to integrate analytics data from Lex Machina directly into their existing workflows or to create entirely new legal applications.

Now, with Lex Machina’s new API for state courts, users can combine their internal data with Lex Machina’s superior Legal Analytics for state courts as well as federal courts. Lex Machina will continue to rapidly expand its state court Legal Analytics this year and into the future, and the API state court capabilities will expand concurrently alongside. Lex Machina is proud of and excited for this significant new step towards bringing Legal Analytics to all areas of the law.

“Right now, Lex Machina is focusing on two major goals,” said Justin Brownstone, Product Manager at Lex Machina and lead on the development of Lex Machina’s API. “One is to continue our rapid expansion of state court coverage at the same high level of data quality that we’re proud to offer for federal courts. The other is to continue refining and expanding our API to further facilitate the integration of Lex Machina’s Legal Analytics with existing business frameworks and workflows. This newest launch joins these two goals in a way that brings our Legal Analytics into an exciting new arena for the legal profession.”