Lex Blog Add AI Page / Generator “Lou” To Their Platform

Not sure this is the best idea considering how lazy lawyers have been in using AI so far. Something that Kevin O’Keefe has said in his recent blogs on AI. Understood this is basically just a AI marketing tool but with different state bar rules is he playing with fire?

What do you think?

Here’s the press release

LexBlog is adding an AI-powered publishing assistant named ‘Lou’ to our platform.

LexBlog is not adding Lou to replace the human element in blog posts, but instead to amplify a writer’s passion, insight, and commentary. Lou will help with grammar, post ideas, social media sharing, identifying niche areas on which to publish, and more.

Lou created a lot of excitement at the Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference this past April, where marketing professionals saw the promise of AI in publishing. We plan to complete the development and testing of Lou in the coming month and have it fully operational by summer’s end.

AI’s potential could rival the impact of the Internet. As a leader in legal publishing for two decades, LexBlog will responsibly utilize AI to assist lawyers with creating secondary law. We will use AI to deliver on our mission: to connect lawyers with people for good.

To keep up with all the latest happenings and developments with Lou, be sure to visit our Lou page. We’ll be regularly sharing release notes and exciting opportunities to get involved.