Legal Talk Network: How Not To Use TikTok For Your Law Firm || 5 Tips to Increase Referrals


Conrad and Gyi tackle an (ahem) unusual marketing move by an attorney using TikTok video streaming. Plus, five big referral tips.

Wouldn’t it be great if your clients left you a good review online?  Why wait? Why not just videotape them as you’re coming out of the courtroom? It’s “Marketing vs the Client’s Best Interest” in the bizarre case of a lawyer using the video streaming platform TikTok. The attorney in question is getting lots of views and attention, but is he using his client? The guys vigorously debate whether these short videos might cross an ethical line.  But, even if kind of skeezy, maybe it’s generating a referral network of sorts, so…worth it?

Plus, five big tips on building business through referrals. Still waiting for new clients to be breaking down your door? Sometimes you need to give to get, so start putting yourself out there and reap the rewards of good business karma.

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