The Legal Research System Of The Future ?

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I have completed the next video in the Legal Research System of the Future and uploaded it here:

The full collection is at:

The latest video addresses citators from a customer perspective. The last video discussed implementing a citator as a centralized repository of citation relationships. That video generated a lot of serious discussion so I made this video to address issues that were raised.

I often feel like I am stating the obvious. Nothing presented in this video is radical—except that no one is doing it yet. (It should be obvious that a Google-sized search box is too small for legal research— but it isn’t obvious to whoever is building the systems.)

I have another video scripted and several others at various stages of writing. The next planned video is on search engines.
Even at video five, I have barely scratched the surface of the material in my presentation collection; let alone those in my idea box file. Time and my limited skill in video are the major constraints. I get my inspiration to produce videos from the frustration I get every time I research an issue for a case.

I expect the videos to get increasingly technical as they go on. I hope to get a video that goes to the heart of the material soon (Search is not research). I hint at it in this video but there is a lot of background still to cover before reaching that point.

John Miano