Legal Futures Article: Is artificial intelligence making lawyers redundant?

Posted by Gizem Akilli. Gizem has just graduated from her LPC and LLM course at BPP Law School, and has been working with Legal Futures Associate Casedo for the last two years

Akilli: Impact of AI is daunting to those wanting to enter the profession

In its 2018 report, Will robots really steal our jobs?, PwC suggested that artificial intelligence (AI) threatened 30% of jobs in the UK.

Much of the discussion on the introduction of AI and the potential effects on the legal sector is equally negative. Legal professionals have raised concerns that developments in AI-powered technology could threaten the security of junior roles, such as paralegals and research positions, within the next decade.

Impressive advances in AI technology tailored for legal work have led some lawyers to worry that their profession is in jeopardy.

However, in reality the likelihood of a lawyer’s replacement is relatively low compared to that of a law student or a paralegal.

It is likely that law students will find it extremely difficult to standout in training contract applications without understanding the impact of AI and machine learning on the future of legal services.

Many law firms now offer training contracts for tech savvy recruits. Unfortunately, many students are graduating without the necessary skills to excel in this new legal market as most of the universities continue to teach a traditional route and offer little-to-no guidance to the ever changing job markets.

The legal sector currently relies on many junior legal professionals to assist in investigating, collating and crucial case information. However, these meaningful roles are a significant expense for law firms and many AI-systems offer similar results for the fraction of the price.

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