Legal Food Frenzy (LFF) Awards – Law Firms Help Raise Money For Food Banks

Fantastic initiative they should take it global…

April 1 – April 30, 2021


Legal Food Frenzy (LFF) is an annual fundraising competition created in partnership with the Virginia Attorney General, the Young Lawyers Division (YLD) of the Virginia Bar Association, and the Federation of Virginia Food Banks.

The LFF is open to EVERYONE across the Virginia legal community. Now – more than ever – each law firm, law school, legal organization, and corporate/in-house counsel can have the biggest impact on hunger. Everything your team raises benefits the regional food bank that serves YOUR community.

To date, more than 18.5 million pounds of food have been donated to hungry families through Virginia’s seven regional food banks and their 1,500 partner agencies

“Legal Food Frenzy has become a staple for Virginia’s legal community, and over the years, it has allowed food banks to distribute more than 18.5 million pounds of food to vulnerable Virginians. This year, our commitment is more important than ever before as Feeding America estimates that up to 275,000 additional Virginians may face food insecurity due to COVID-19.” — Attorney General Mark Herring


It’s simple! In light of the ongoing pandemic, Legal Food Frenzy will run for the entire month of April instead of the traditional two weeks with virtual events. Register your organization here and you will be connected with your local food bank. If your organization has multiple offices across the state, each office will need to register with their respective regional food bank.

Check with your local food bank representative for their current policy on food donations and volunteering. Online fundraising is encouraged this year with COVID-19 restrictions, but any checks collected can be mailed to your food bank at the end of the LFF (more information will be sent after your team registers).

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All private firms with 1 – 99 employees will compete against each other by service area on a per capita basis. Each of the seven food bank service areas will have one winner based on the total amount raised per employee.

Large-sized firms (100 or more employees), Government/Public Service firms, Corporate Legal Departments, and Law Schools will compete statewide. Each category will have two winners — one winner based on the total amount raised per employee/student and one winner based on the total amount raised overall.

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COVID-19 presented a unique set of challenges for Virginia’s food banks. Food donations were down, volunteers dried up, agencies closed, and demand skyrocketed. Feeding America estimates that 275,000 more Virginians are struggling with food insecurity, which means nearly 1.2 million do not always have access to the food they need to thrive. In 2020, compared to 2019, we:

  • Distributed 37 million more pounds of food– an astonishing 28% increase.
  • Spent four and half times as much on purchased food to keep pace with demand and account for declining food donations.
  • Spent 119% more on external storage space to increase our capacity to safely keep and transport food throughout the state.
  • Increased our volume of purchased milk by 40% to offset declines in government commodities.

We need your help to continue meeting this heightened level of need through 2021.

These are people who live in cities, small towns, and suburbs. They are grandparents raising grandchildren. They are single mothers working three part-time jobs. They are two-wage households struggling to pay medical bills. They are military families and veterans. They could be your neighbors. Hunger hides in the shadows but it does not discriminate. We need your help to ensure that everyone has access to the nutrition they need to thrive.

You can learn more about hunger in your community at the following links:

The firm that donates the most per employee from any category will win the coveted AG Cup. All winners will receive recognition during a virtual reception in June 2021 hosted by the Attorney General of Virginia.

See here for Rules.

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