Legal Entrepreneur Launches UK’s First Twitter Law Firm

One of the country’s top legal entrepreneurs has launched the UK’s first Twitter Law Firm.

@thelegaloracle will provide individuals with free legal advice on their cases, after the details have first been Tweeted in just 140 characters.

Nicholas Jervis, who was a solicitor for 14 years before founding Loyalty Law, set up The Twitter Firm in a bid to make the law more accessible to the thousands of Brits who find the legal process too complicated and intimidating.

According to Jervis, ‘every year, thousands of people in the UK lose out on millions of pounds because the prospect of talking to a lawyer scares them. It occurred to me that if you could make the legal profession more accessible through Twitter, then this could make a huge difference, opening the legal world up to a new generation’.

@thelegaloracle is geared towards educating people who may be entitled to claim money, but don’t know how to do so. Whether entire cases are put forward on the account, or just simple questions asking what or where the claimant should turn next, all Tweets will be answered.

The site will be manned by Loyalty Law solicitors who will provide their free, professional advice in 140 character Tweets. While Jervis accepts that it may be difficult to solve an entire case without proper legal representation, the service will certainly save Brits valuable time and money in legal consultation fees.

By both simplifying the process and removing the high fees, Jervis hopes that all the people who would normally never consider seeking legal advice, will be able to get the help they need.

‘As anyone who has been involved in a legal claims case knows, there is a lot of paperwork involved. However, it’s also true that most lawyers can identify very quickly whether a client has a case. This service is aimed at providing advice and guidance and ultimately saving people a lot of time and money if they do not have a strong case’.

The teams of solicitors behind @thelegaloracle will assess the merits of the cases stated in the Tweets, replying with the best options for each individual to take. This may be as simple as advising them that their case isn’t very strong, and that pursuing it would almost definitely be at a cost to them. Or, for the cases where the Tweeter is clearly owed compensation, @thelegaloracle will detail the best routes for them to take next.

The Twitter Law Firm @thelegaloracle has just been launched and its team of solicitors are ready to provide all Twitter users with free legal advice on all claims related cases.

Nicholas Jervis is the Managing Director of Loyalty Law, a UK Solicitor Matching Service, and the Managing Director of law firm marketing consultancy Samson Consulting.