Legal Cheek Report: UK Junior lawyer quits profession to become pet psychic

A junior lawyer has traded her £60,000 a year salary to communicate with people’s pets — both living and dead.

Nikki Vasconez, 33, was working as a property lawyer when she began researching how to ‘speak’ with animals.


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Vasconez began by practising with family and friend’s pets but in September 2021, she launched her pet psychic business on social media and “began to gain a steady following and it wasn’t long before requests started pouring in”.

Up until 2021, Vasconez who studied at both Florida Atlantic University and Delaware Law School, worked at Pennsylvania-based HighPoint Law Offices.

The pet psychic charges clients around £280 for a one-hour session where she will sit in a quiet room, studying a photo of the animal and “telepathically” ask a series of questions. She then records her questions and the responses on her phone for owners.

Vasconez says she is also able to communicate with animals that have passed away, which she says makes up around half of her requests.


Junior lawyer quits profession to become pet psychic