Legal Blogging Webinar Thursday April 23 at 12 ET/ 9 PT.

We’ve mentioned this already .. but in case you missed it.

Lexblog owner  Kevin O’Keefe writes:

Just a reminder of tomorrow’s webinar, a way to get the LinkedIn Legal Blogging Group working for you. As the group’s leader, I’m organizing a series of free webinars on effective networking through the Internet for lawyers. The focus will be on professional and client development. The presenters will all be recognized leaders in the use of Internet for client development.

Our first webinar is ‘Networking Through the Internet : Using Law Blogs to Enhance Your Reputation & Get Business.’ The presenters will be myself and Kevin McKeown, VP of Client Development for LexBlog. It’s this Thursday April 23 at 12 ET/ 9 PT.

Among other things, we’ll cover:

* The growth of law blogs in the legal profession.
* Who is reading law blogs & why you should care.
* Which law firms are publishing blogs?
* What is a professional blog?
* What do they look like?
* What are the key elements of a good blog?
* Advantages of law blogs for reputation enhancement & client
* Where do you begin?
* How to blog effectively.
* How to network with other thought leaders, the media, and conference

Lawyers continue to share their personal blog success stories with me. Des Moines’ Austin Kennedy told me, ‘The most rewarding part of blogging is publishing a new post and then having prospective clients call you in response to the post to discuss the possibility of hiring you.’

Skadden, Arps’ Russell Jackson shared, "I already have had folks share with me about the cases they are litigating, providing me encouragement, and even offering to meet up for drinks when they’re next in town. By reading my posts, they’ve gotten to know me, and I am really enjoying getting to know them. In many respects, this solitary activity of blogging has been more effective at making real professional contacts for me than a lot of organizations that I’ve belonged to or meetings I’ve attended."

Don’t get left behind. There’s no reason you can’t experience the success of such lawyers.

Register for this webinar today at:

If you’re unable to attend, I’ll also post a recording of the webinar with screencast on the Legal Blogging Group’s discussion board and on my blog at

Thanks and have a good day,

– Kevin

Kevin O’Keefe
CEO & Publisher
LexBlog, Inc.