Lawyers: What Not To Do If You Lose Your Job

Above The Law have published a short piece, an although it applies to the US market..

It is still well worth a read…

Ask the Experts: What Not to Do If You Are Laid Off!

In the current economic environment, columns and blog posts abound advising laid-off attorneys what to do now that they have been cast into the wilderness. This advice has generally been on the mark and includes items like networking, learning a foreign language, and taking a contract job. The goal of every attorney seeking to return to the legal profession should be to make himself or herself as marketable as possible once the job market recovers. However, there are actions an attorney might consider in moments of fear or panic that could harm his or her chances once firms begin hiring again. Desperate times lead to desperate actions, and I have unfortunately encountered some questionable behavior that should be avoided if a laid-off attorney wants to maintain his or her viability as a candidate in the future. Based on my observations, here are some points to consider.