Lawyers In Mumbai

Where there’s a financial centre there’ll be lawyers…

Tha Lawyer (UK) has reported that


Field Fisher Waterhouse (FFW) international head Mark Abell was still trapped inside his hotel room yesterday in Mumbai after being caught up in the terrorist attacks that hit the city last night.


They write:

Gunmen, armed with AK47 assault rifles and hand grenades, struck at various sites across the city last night, killing more than 100 people and taking others hostage.

Abell described his situation on the BBC’s Today programme this morning, saying he had returned to his hotel after dinner last night and went immediately to his room.

He added: "As I entered my room there was a massive blast and the whole room shook. I thought the windows were going to break. I looked out and I could see people scattering down on the ground and then a couple of minutes later another large blast occurred followed by gunfire."

Abell said he could hear gunfire coming from outside his room after the initial attack: "I could hear several rounds of gunfire and people running up and down."

A spokesperson for FFW confirmed that Abell was in Mumbai but declined to comment further saying: "What we’re trying to do is establish what the situation is."


AALE is also aware of a HK based lawyer working for a Australian financial institution also trapped in the city at the moment.. safe but unlikely to be able to leave for the next few days