Lawyer Says It Woz FBI Wot Caused Congress Riot

“Kraken” lawyer … more like crackers!

Newsweek report..

Lawyer Sidney Powell says that the FBI likely had a “substantial or leading role in creating” the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6.

Powell famously promised to “release the kraken” last year by using her legal prowess to keep former President Donald Trump in power despite his loss in the presidential election. She expressed support for the claim of FBI involvement in the Capitol riot during a recent interview with conservative commentator Brannon Howse, who asked Powell whether she agreed with “some members of Congress” who have promoted the conspiracy theory.

“I think they were [involved],” Powell said in a Lindell TV clip shared to Twitter by PatriotTakes on Friday. “It would be very surprising, given what you’ve disclosed on your show with your prior whistleblower, and their mode of operations lately in the last decade, if they didn’t have a substantial—if not leading—role in creating the entire debacle.”

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