Lawyer demands University of Richmond pay him $3.6 BILLION after it ‘caved to woke acitvists’ and removed his great-grandfather’s name from law school after it emerged he owned slaves on tobacco farm

Via the Daily Mail

  • Robert C. Smith wrote a letter to the University of Richmond demanding it pay back his family’s donations after they removed his family name from the school
  • His great-great grandfather, TC Williams Sr., gave the school $25,000 after his death in 1890, leading to the law school to be named after him
  • Williams’ name was removed from the law school following a student and faculty furor over the names of slaveowners being allowed to remain on buildings 
  • Virginia lawyer demanded the University of Richmond pay his family $3.6billion after the southern school removed the name of his ancestor from its law school because he was a slave owner.

    Robert C. Smith, whose great-great grandfather TC Williams Sr. was an early and prominent benefactor of the recently renamed Richmond School of Law, wrote a letter to university president Kevin Hallock demanding the school pay back William’s 1890 donation – adjusted for inflation, plus interest.

    Smith accused the school of giving in to ‘woke activists’ when it removed Williams’ name from the law school following a 2021 campus furor over campus buildings bearing the names of slave owning and openly racists benefactors.

    The university said records from the 19th century showed Williams owned up to 40 slaves on his tobacco farms, but Smith claimed his family was never shown that evidence.

    Smith previously asked for $51million in a January letter in which he called Hollock a a ‘carpet bagging weasel,’ according to the Washington Post, but last week sent an email upping the ante to include the school’s entire multi-billion-dollar endowment.

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